Student and Academic Services

Your content, our expertise

We don’t write your assignments, essays or theses for you, but we CAN ensure that your ideas are free of mistakes that might cost you precious marks.

Essays, Assignments and Theses

Have your draft essay professionally reviewed. Receive feedback on sentence structure, spelling, grammar, typos and other language errors.

Dissertation, Thesis or Proposal Editing

Check for clarity, organisation, tone and other content issues as well as providing a list of spelling, grammar and typographical errors.

Academic Proofreading & Editing

Receive a thorough edit for consistency of voice, tone, and structure as well as a review of language errors. This service is particularly useful for multi-author works and early drafts.


Whether you are working on commercially sensitive information or a scholarly analysis, your manuscript will be kept confidential.


We will edit, proofread and check your essays and assignments for consistency and style, ensuring that you are graded for content, not mistakes.


We can work with you on your proposal, dissertation or thesis to ensure consistency, clarity and organization.


Conference papers, reports, journal articles and presentations all require a thorough edit and final proofread to ensure your ideas are clearly presented.

Improve your writing

Be confident that your hard work and ideas will be clearly presented, free of grammatical mistakes, typos and style conflicts. We can provide advice on structure, assist with citation format and ensure the finished document is presented in the correct style.

Get the grades you deserve

Your ideas and arguments are important. We can help you to present your own work in clear, well-organized language so that you are graded on the content, not the spelling and grammar mistakes.

Impress your supervisor

Don’t waste your supervisor’s time with submissions that are not professionally edited. We can edit your work to ensure consistency and clarity so that your supervisor can objectively review your content, not your grammar.