English for foreign language writers

Make no mistake, you deserve to be understood

It’s hard to write clearly and coherently in a language other than your own. Your ideas are still important, and still deserve to be heard.

We will help you overcome the language barrier with expert editing and proofreading, explanations of difficult English grammar concepts and ongoing tips to improve your writing.


Lift the quality of your English to native speaker standard


Create advantage through clear, concise communication


See your own skills improve through collaboration

Academic Proofreading

Review drafts. Help you to improve your language skills, and check for spelling, grammatical and typographical errors.

Resume Writing

Improve your chances of entry into university or college, gain a competitive edge and communicate clearly.

Skills Development

Learning to write effectively in English is an ongoing skill. Identify problem areas and improve your writing skills overall.

Write effectively, communicate clearly

Feature your ideas, not your mistakes

Righting Writing can take the headache out of writing in English. We will work with you on your manuscripts to improve grammar, spelling, word choice and local idioms.


Express yourself clearly

Jo will revise your writing for word choice, idioms, grammar and spelling

Improve your draft

English is notoriously difficult in the written form. Jo will work with you to improve your English writing, and check it for grammar, spelling and typographical errors.

Gain an edge on your competitors

Work with Righting Writing to draft and polish your admissions essay and give yourself a competitive edge, get into your choice of college.

Business Editing

Ensure your business correspondence and documentation are clear and understandable. Improve your professional communication and avoid misunderstanding.