Righting your writing for more effective communication

If you have trouble expressing yourself in the written form, Jo can help.  She will make sure that your important, personal communication is clear and effective. Don’t be misunderstood because of a language barrier or poor writing skills.


Better documents

Righting Writing can provide essential feedback for your personal documents from the first draft to the final manuscript so that you create a positive impression.


Clear communication

There are times when text messages are not the way to clearly and concisely communicate your point in writing. Let Righting Writing show you how.

No misunderstanding

Clear and concise personal communication can give you the edge when applying for a new job, dealing with service providers or writing a novel. Let us help you write with clarity.

“Righting Writing provides excellent, professional service, always ensuring that the client’s instructions are adhered to. The editing work is returned with clear explanations about suggested changes and attention to the finest details.”

Diane Gray

Business Strategy Consultant, Grayheart

Your words, written right

Maintain confidentiality and professionalism

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Give your writing the impact it needs

Quality writing, flexible service, timely delivery


Make your point

You may have difficulty putting your thoughts into writing, or not sure how to make your point clear. Send an early draft to Jo and ensure that your writing focusses on the message and comes across clearly.


Security and confidentiality

Do you have important correspondence needs to be ‘outsourced’ in order to maintain confidentiality? Jo proofs and edits all types of personal and business communication.


Get that job with a resume tailored to the industry and position.


Ensure your private communication is accurate and concise.


Speeches or staff assessments? Outsource your writing, finish first.