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Your day is busy enough without having to worry about the finer details involved in checking or improving memos, reports, presentations, manuals, and all those other vital but time-consuming documents.


Jo will proofread your presentations, reports, manuals or memos – make an impact, not a mistake.

Save time and Money

Manage your costs and time by outsourcing your editing and proofing. Ensure fast turnaround and a professional result.

Maintain your image

Websites, blogs, brochures and manuals communicate the key aspects of your business. Don’t ruin that image with poor grammar or typos.

Make an impact with professional business communication, from early drafts to polished finals, and never look back.

Improve your business results

Put your writing in good hands

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Professional communications expertise

Content that exceeds expectations, while saving time and money



We’ll fine-tune your report for a professional outcome


Professional and well-organized manuals


The right words in the right place for maximum effect


Word-for-word copies of interviews, meetings, dictation etc


Press Releases

Effective, to the point press releases



Clear and concise correspondence


Other documents

We’ll ensure all your documents are well written!